Grooby Camp is a free virtual educational conference for the 
trans adult industry and its allies.

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What is Grooby Camp?

Grooby Camp is a FREE virtual business/resource conference for the trans adult industry to be hosted on July 13-14, 2022, at

Why was it created?

Since many trans adult performers make their porn debuts through Grooby, we wanted those thinking about entering adult work, newcomers, and veterans the opportunity to learn from some of the heavy hitters in the trans adult industry.

We want performers (ALL performers - we just feel we have a particular responsibility to trans performers) to be able to make empowered decisions about navigating the adult industry. We believe that starts with making educational resources accessible to those who want it.

Additionally, we understand that many trans performers rely on community (other performers, friends, etc.) for information such as how to apply to work for different production companies, set etiquette and tips, technical information related to lighting, wardrobe, etc., and best safety practices, to name a few.

The purpose of Grooby Camp is to organize and centralize this information in a format that all performers can access, not just the ones who are “in-the-know” or are well-connected.

Can I attend even if I haven’t shot for Grooby?

Yes! Although the conference is hosted by Grooby, it is not required that you’ve shot with our company to be able to attend. You do, however, need to show proof that you’re in the adult industry as space is limited.

I’ve never attended a virtual conference before! What can I expect?

We totally understand that the format of a virtual “conference” may feel overwhelming. The name sounds fancier than it is, we promise!

For Grooby Camp, we are scheduling talks/workshops throughout the day (and they’ll be hosted one at a time so you don’t have to worry about picking which workshops you’ll miss by attending one) with folks from the adult industry who have generously donated their time and skills to share their resources with others.

We’ll send out a Zoom link for attendees and they can enter the “room” for any talks they want to attend throughout the day. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, we’ll be posting a tutorial on Grooby Blog soon.

All of the talks are structured purposefully as very casual, so folks are invited to just join in and listen. In the last 15-20 minutes of each talk, we will usually save for questions from the audience where you’ll be able to ask your question directly.

Great! How do I register?

We’ll be updating with additional speakers in the coming weeks, so we recommend signing up for our official newsletter there to be notified of upcoming news and how to register. 

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